Having celebrated the 10th anniversary of her eponymous brand’s success in 2012, Eve Gravel continues to bring her unique style on Montreal catwalks and into the lively art scene. The designer, inspired by her travels, music and street fashion, creates clothing that is as comfortable as it is stylish: it can be worn anywhere, from the office to chic evenings out. As much femme fatale as casual tomboy in the designer’s trademark style, each season brings its own particular contemporary retro flair. Eve Gravel’s designs can be seen on many Canadian artists and are available throughout Canada as well as in speciality boutiques in the United States and online at www.evegravel.com.


This season, Eve Gravel presents highly colourful creations in contemporary designs that feature fluorescent and pastel colours executed in a mix of materials and textures. An ethnic vibe embraces the clothing with Aztec geometric ornamentation and psychedelic prints along with her hallmark pieces in a palette of black and cream, but woven in a Navajo pattern this time. An eclectic collection as much unique as its designer.  

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