MARTIN LIM is the fusion of two cultures, two worlds, but mainly the merger of two designers who proved themselves on the international level, they are Danielle MARTIN & Pao LIM. Besides winning prestigious national and international awards, Martin and Lim are devoted designers who gained valuable experience while working with internationally renowned designers. Martin and Lim are both graduated from the MA Fashion Womenswear of the prestigious Central Saint Martins College of Art & Design. Since 2010, they launched their label and since then, fashion medias keep appreciating their work. MARTIN LIM is specialized in woman urban collection and offer a made-tomeasure creation service.


The MARTIN LIM Medusa is attracted to the fresh saltwater breeze from seaside getaways where a gust of freedom-engulfed wind is blowing gently on her clothes.

The Medusa effortlessly swims on the surface of the sea, constantly looking for the spontaneity from her summer escapes, all the while being passionately committed to urban comfort


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