Travis Taddeo has gained a loyal following among fashion risk-takers by pushing and overcoming the conventional expectations established for Canadian fashion design. Known for his combination of minimal lines and distinctive blends of silk, jersey, leather and fur, Taddeo offers simplicity with edge by creating a bold marriage between luxury and street-wear. TRAVIS TADDEO is available at select retailers across Canada, as well as


Taddeo’s spring/summer 2014 collection evokes the easygoing grace and allure of a budding, fresh and raw morning. The colour palate moves from dark to light invoking a figure rousing from a deep, warm sleep drawn to the coy morning light.  Matinée blends neutral tones of white, dusty greys and muted blues with midnight shades of blue and raven black. Taddeo brings forth looks in supple leather, crisp poplin and delicate silk chiffon along with his trademark jersey and linen knit bringing to mind an exquisite lightness of being.

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